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Music & Events at Awaken Cafe

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2018.10.25 - Oakland Poetry Slam & Wide Open Mic - $10 Audience/$5 Performers - Doors at 7pm

2nd & 4th Thursday of the Month, October 25th
Doors at 7:00pm
Sign Up at 7:30pm
Show at 8pm
$10 for audience members
$5 for anyone performing

Awaken Cafe presents…


2018.10.30 - Awaken the Vote: Take the House Back - Free - 4pm to 7pm

Tuesday, October 30th
4pm to 7pm

Awaken Cafe presents…

Dear Bay Area Friends…

We probably don’t have to remind you that we have a “president” that actively promotes racism, is gutting environmental protections, cutting corporate regulations while padding the profits of multi-billion dollar corporations, making friends with dictators, sending ICE to capture members of our community and lining his own pockets with our tax dollars. Not to mention the multiple crimes he committed before being president. And then there is a GOP-controlled Congress that has greedily abdicated their responsibility to keep him in check for their own political and financial gain.

We need to Awaken the Vote and flip the House of Representatives blue! With a Democratic majority in the House, we can keep the president in check - perhaps even impeach him. It starts with getting every single Democratic voter out to the polls in this critical upcoming election.

Please join us to call flippable districts in CA to encourage Democratic voters to vote on Nov 6 . You’ll just need a smartphone. If you have a laptop, bring that also to make calls even easier (you will need a hotspot since there is not wifi available though). We’ll be calling registered Democrats in red House districts that are highly competitive to encourage them to vote for their candidate. We’ll provide instructions, orientation to phone banking, and scripts. Our generous hosts, Awaken Cafe, have offered discounted food and drinks to phone bankers too!

Hope you can join us.