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January 9, 2018

Statement regarding Four Barrel Coffee:

With heavy hearts, we announce that we are breaking ties with Four Barrel Coffee. While we have had nothing but positive experiences with Four Barrel and the team of people who service our account, we learned on Friday that the founder of the company is being accused of misconduct, harassment and assault by former members of their staff. We are hopeful that the many good, kind and talented employees with whom we have worked will take the reigns, salvage the company, and continue to produce the coffee we have grown to love. However, we have chosen to stop doing business with them until such time as we feel confident that amends have been made and the culture at Four Barrel has been shown to be healthy and safe.

Having many female identifying staff members and community members, we are alarmed that any organization would tolerate an environment harmful towards women for any length of time. We stand with the women of Four Barrel, the women of Awaken Cafe, women that have been victims of sexual harassment and assault, and all women. We look forward to a day when all workplaces maintain a no-tolerance policy toward abuse of any kind.

As a small step to help ensure Awaken Cafe remains a safe and welcoming workspace, we have asked a member of our investor circle to act as an independent, external human resource for members of our team so they may have an outside support system for topics that may be difficult to address directly with owners and management. We wish to empower our team members to speak out if they ever feel uncomfortable in their workplace, and hope that other small business that lack formal HR departments will also set up similar structures for their staff.

We are currently sampling and speaking with many other talented local roasters. This week, we’ll be serving some delicious coffees from our long time friends at Ritual Coffee, and showcasing other guest roasters in weeks to follow.

We invite your comments and questions: email .


Cortt & the Awaken Cafe Team