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10.20.12 - Birdwire - $5 - 9pm

Saturday, October 20th
9 pm

We’re happy to welcome Birdwire back in town for a special Oakland show.


The first thought that comes to one’s mind when listening to an experimental songwriter and musician usually isn’t “social worker.” But that’s exactly who Brian Mundy, the power behind Birdwire, is in the real world. His experiences in this field inform every ounce of his eclectic musical journey, creating a depth of soul and unique vision that range far beyond the norm.

Mundy grew up on the North Shore of Chicago, the only boy in a big family, full of dreams that helped him to cultivate his creative side.  He headed to Grinnell College in Iowa to study Ethnomusicology and spent a year learning the sitar and studying music therapy in India.  His training in stringed instruments is clear in his music, to which he brings a sound that is worldly and unique. Songs frequently feature instruments such as the banjo, mandolin, and various other stringed pieces of wood and gourds.  Mundy brought his global perspective and musical training to the West Coast, specifically San Francisco, where he started the electronic band Kooken & Hoomen.  K & H put out two well-received albums, including a live recording. 

Post-K & H, Mundy found himself in Brooklyn, NY with a new family and a new life.  He decided to go back to school and studied social work, eventually getting his degree and settling into life on the East Coast.  Still, Mundy couldn’t stay away from music for long.  Soon after moving to New York, he released Birdwire’s 2004 debut EP I’ll Take It With Me.  Acclaim poured in from the blogosphere.  Muzzle of Bees said the album “carries itself with confidence and eloquence throughout its duration.” After hearing I’ll Take It With Me, said that “Brian Mundy is a name to keep track of, he’s going to places very soon, very fast.”   Birdwire’s I’ll Take It With Me illustrates with tender gravity the stages of goodbye, the indelible grief of ending, and the determined optimism about renewal amidst sorrow. Birdwire redefines the folk genre by compelling the listener with a motley array of lyrical, electronic, and traditional elements in a predominantly acoustic soundscape. By shifting the conventions generally associated with the genre, Mundy accounts for the impact of futurity on the folk sensibility. In an age when technology appears to close all distances, in reality it only makes new kinds possible.

So, what has Mundy been doing since 2004?  Continuing to grow with his family, writing his follow up, So Die Star, and getting a book deal.  A book deal?  Yes! Mundy is currently co-authoring a book on psychotherapy, due to be published by Guilford Press next year.  So here we have a songwriter, non-fiction writer, father, husband, social worker, and world music aficionado.

So Die Star is the much-anticipated follow up to the beautiful I’ll Take it With Me.   It’s an album with a mature sound that doesn’t have instant catchy hooks or pop sensibility.  Much like I’ll Take it With Me,  the new album is a complete thought that will change each time you listen,  one that is full of subtle nuances of tonality that don’t immediately catch your attention.  So Die Star is a slow burn of an album and a beautiful one at that. 



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