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Tommy Near Music

Wednesday, June 20
7pm - 9pm

Good old American acoustic music with Tommy Near originals as well as covers.

Tommy Near music is all about life, and the things that compose it. Spawned out of times and trials, good times and bad times, ups and downs, Tommy has been creating music for the past ten years. Hailing from a suburb of Sacramento, Tommy was a kid trying to figure out if he wanted to be Dave Matthews or Dr. Dre when he grew up. After graduating high school, Tommy spent a year in Chicago trying to find his own niche of music that blended his acoustic love and his love for irony and metaphors… this acoustic love led him into playing death metal and moving to the south. After a 3 year stint of touring with his metal band, Tommy moved back to Northern California, to redefine his life and music. Thus, the music you hear today is a chronicling of the events that led to where he is today. And the covers that he plays, are the songs that hold true to that “not so straight and narrow” road that he has traveled. In short, Tommy plays music made in America for the world….. if that makes sense.

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