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08.18.12 - Bitchez Broo Review - donations requested - 7 pm

Saturday, August 18
7:00 pm
Donations Requested

The nation’s finest literary showcase in inter-tribal music and spoken word, the August 2012 edition will feature the music of Dawn Oberg, and the poetry, laughter and heartbreak of the rhetoricians Chansonette Buck, Ariel Fintushel,  Kiala Givehand; Garrett Murphy, James Siegel, Nora Toomey and McKay Williams. 

Chasnonette Buck grew up the stepchild of a Black Mountain Poet.  A Cal PhD in English.  Her new memoir is “Unnecessary Turns: Growing Up Beat.”

Ariel Fintushel is a regular contributor to the BANG OUT reading series and has work appearing in Anemone Sidecar and City Writes.

Kiala Givehand is the founding editor of Generations Literary Journal and worked as the poetry editor of 580 Split for two years.

Garrett Murphy is the author of “9-11 (and Mr. Punch)” and “None Dare Call it Making Sense in An American Lesson” and gets our vote as poet laureate of Oakland.

James Siegel is the director of the GuyWriters collective. He is the author of the chapbook, “Ghost of Ohio.”

Nora Toomey has big dreams for poetry. She is most interested in creating multi-textual, audio, visual, tactile spheres where her poems can live.

Mckay Williams is the author of When Seven Ate Nine. His short stories have been published both home and abroad. He lives and writes in Oakland. 

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