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08.04.12 - Wintertime Carousel with SF's the Midwest Quiet - $5 - Doors at 7pm

Saturday, August 4th
Doors at 7:00 pm
$5 at the door 

Wintertime Carousel is the newest project in Simon Adler’s development as a songwriter. Simon Adler, born and raised in Eau Claire, Wisconsin now resides in Eugene, Oregon, studying at the University of Oregon. Here he has experimented with sounds and musical ideas that have coalesced into a new musical project, Wintertime Carousel. Wintertime Carousel combines reverb soaked guitars, simple drumbeats, solid bass lines, slides, and vocal harmonies creating a unique indie folk rock sound.

The Midwest Quiet was formed in 2010 in San Francisco by Craig Ness (the band’s only full time member). The songs are shaped by a patented recipe of his personal experiences including: an Ohio upbringing, a fondness for Mancunian music, and the natural surroundings of Northern California.

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