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09.15.12 - Ben Justus with Brooke D - $5 - 8pm

Saturday, September 15th
8 pm

On tour from Los Angeles, singer/songwriter Ben Justus has a great folk sound that fans of Andrew Bird and Kings of Leon will enjoy. Ben Justus is a singer/songwriter that has just begun. Even though he has over ten years of writing and performing, he is an artist with the true meaning of longevity.

We heard Brooke D. perform at the cafe at the Bitchez Brew Review and we wanted her back! Brooke D. is a Bay Area native that has been performing as an acoustic solo act for 4 years. While her musical journey started with just piano and vocals, in June of 2011, she decided to experiment with vocal looping and beat boxing, on a Line 6 DL4 Delay pedal.

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