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2013.08.16 - Francesca Simone with The St. Valentinez (Cd Release) + Oakadelic - $7 - Doors at 8pm

Friday, August 16th
Doors @ 8pm
Show @ 9pm
Cover $7 (Get Advance Tickets)

Oaktown Indie Mayhem and Awaken Cafe present…

Francesca Simone

At 17 years old, Francesca Simone is barely able to drive. But one thing is for sure, she was born to shred a guitar like nobodies business; running the gamut from Jazz to Soul to Funk and beyond. She will be releasing her debut record at this show entitled, Playground, a highly anticipated album created with the help of several members of the Santana crews’ rhythm section backing her up. I don’t know about you, but in MY book, not a bad way to start off your post high school years…

Jazz musicians are a true breed of their own right. Spontaneous creatures, commanded by the will of the moment, yet synchronized with all the notes spiraling around them. Throw some funk in the mix and you have an all out killer jam like you never knew possible, but EVERY time. You may know Oakadelic from The Peoples Jam or Church, a Sunday night favorite amongst musicians.

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