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Past Events


2013.02.16 - Bitchez Brew Review Followed by We Are the West + Eric & Erica - $5-10 donation - 7pm

Saturday, February 16th
7pm - Bitchez Brew
9:30 pm - Eric & Erica
10:30 pm - We Are the West

Bitchez Brew Review

Bitchez Brew Review is a literary variety showcase that was first imagined by Paul Corman-Roberts on a Dolores Park Hillside in September of 2010, inspired by the artistic comraderie found there among artists and performers like Valerie Chavez, Jonathan Hirsch, Gabriel Goldberg, and Jesus Angel Garcia.

Literary Lineup:

Daphne Gottlieb
Joshua Merchant
Bill Gainer
Sean Craven
Colleen McKee
Marjorie Lynne

Music Lineup:


Eric & Erica

After your mind has been fully opened up by an amazing literary showcase, you finally get some beautiful, contemplative music to water the seeds that were just placed in your brain. Eric & Erica creates gorgeously peaceful music that relaxes and soothes all who listen.  

We Are The West

Wow are YOU in for a treat… If you’re still reading this you might be on the fence about this show and are still deciding if it’s really worth the trip. This band will put you over the edge. We Are The West combine sonic identities linked with The National, Grizzly Bear and Bon Iver and combine them in to a wonerdful display of showmanship. Oh you’re going now? Lucky YOU!


2013.02.15 - OIM PRESENTS: Mortar & Pestle, Treehouse Orchestra, Yassou Benedict - $5 - 8pm

Friday, February 15
Doors: 8pm
Show: 9pm

Oaktown Indie Mayhem presents…

Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and Pestle would just be a showcase for an absolutely amazing lead singer if it wasn’t for the genius rhythm section behind her.

Treehouse Orchestra

One of the most beautiful sights in the San Francisco Bay Area is the sight of the beautiful bay fog rolling down the hills of Sausalito and slowly swallowing the Golden Gate Bridge whole. If there were a sountrack to this natural wonder it would be the music of Treehouse Orchestra.  

Yassou Benedict

Yassou Benedict aren’t afraid to play with the very fabric of what makes music, well, music. They carry haunting melodies over mind bending grooves. But they do all of this in a gorgeous, catchy and seamless way. Dark and powerful melodies build and build in their music until they conquer you with a climax of wonder that will have you asking for more. 


2013.02.14 - Third Seven - Free - 7pm

Thursday, February 14th

From time to time we receive submissions from touring acts that knock us off our chairs.  Billy Mickelson is Third Seven, a one man Cello band, and this is the video we received.  His songs are engaging, his lyrics are tight, his musicianship is excellent, and the one man show is impressive.  We’re all in for a treat.



2013.02.13 - Mitch Marcus, Tom Lattanand, Nathan Clevenger - Free - 7pm

Wednesday, February 13th

New York musician Mitch Marcus returns to the Bay Area for a series of shows in February. On Wednesday Feb 13 Awaken Cafe is excited to host a reunion between Mitch, guitarist Tom Lattanand and guitarist Nathan Clevenger. Mitch and Tom will be playing some early material and newly written tunes with old comrades Micah McClain (drums), Rob Gwin (bass), and Henry Hung (trumpet). All these players have shared a rich decade playing together in Bay Area groups such as Aphrodesia, Mood Food, Mitch Marcus Quintet +13, Planet Booty, and Ettie Street Project.

Mitch Marcus

“Mitch will play the first part of the evening as part of the Nathan Clevenger group. “(Clevenger is a) fascinating composer. Long-form, dreamy, sectional without being rigid, and bluesy — albeit in a non-traditional way.” - Rachel Swan,  East Bay Express 

“Clevenger’s writing takes a lot from the swing era, but it’s packed with odd time signatures, twisty compositions, and passages of improvisation that go well beyond the old concept of a solo. You don’t get the breakneck tempos of bebop, but neither is the music frozen in the ’40s; the writing is fresh, and the musicians are given free rein to turn things upside-down. Peppy, often pretty, and just a little weird.” - Craig Matsumoto, Memory Select

“Have you ever gotten a foreign film that maybe you weren’t sure about, but then it ripped your face off, and it was the coolest thing you ever saw, and it somehow synthesized straight-up literary frumpiness with avant-gardeness and unexpected twists and you were at the edge of your seat the whole time but then, afterwards, you couldn’t find anyone else who had ever heard of it? That’s pretty much what their music is like.” – Rick Stinson, The Little Black Egg


2013.02.11 - See You Next Tuesday Volume II Launch - Free - 7:30pm

Monday, February 11th
7:30 pm

See You Next Tuesday

Come celebrate the launch of volume II of See You Next Tuesday with drinks and a poetry read featuring some of the most prolific writers of the Bay Area! A gender zine that strives to promote radical poetry, opinion and art, See You Next Tuesday has had the pleasure to present its readers with work by published poets David Lau, Brian Ang and Josef Kaplan as well as rising stars Ana Baginski and Maya Weeks. In the words of Angela Davis, “We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society,” and that is precisely what those who support See You Next Tuesday are passionate about.


2013.02.09 - OIM PRESENTS: Gabriel Teudros with Aisha Fukushima + MC Eucalipse + Antique Naked Soul - $5-7 - 8pm 

Saturday, February 9th
Doors - 7pm
Show - 8pm
$5 - $7 sliding cover

Oaktown Indie Mayhem presents…

Gabriel Teudros

To know that another world is possible, and bring it to life through music; this has always been the mission of emcee, educator and community organizer Gabriel Teodros. He made a mark with groups CopperWire, Abyssinian Creole and Air 2 A Bird, and reached an international audience with his critically-acclaimed solo debut Lovework. He has set stages on fire all across the US, Canada, Mexico and Ethiopia; alongside the likes of Lupe Fiasco, Mos Def & Talib Kweli, Zap Mama, Kanye West, Digable Planets and Fishbone to name a few. Early 2012 saw the release of his newest solo project, Colored People’s Time Machine, as well as CopperWire’s Earthbound, a space opera of a hip hop ride (set in the year 2089) that Teodros recorded with fellow Ethiopian-American artists Meklit Hadero and Burntface. 

Aisha Fukushima

Aisha Fukushima’s newsest album, “RAPtivism”, features collaborations betweenvocalist/emcee, Aisha Fukushima, and 20 leading political hip hop artists she met in her travels throughout North America, Africa, Europe and Asia. The music powerfully resonates with global efforts for consciousness and solidarity against injustice everywhere.

MC Eucalips

MC Eucalips tears up the room with incredible beatboxing skills with a unique style of rhythm all his own. 

Antique Naked Soul

Antique Naked Soul (the acappella band featuring renown beatboxer Tommy Shepherd Jr.) has opened for Les Nubians, Talib Kwali and Yasiin Bey aka. Mos Def and many more. Antique Naked Soul uses 2 loopers and only their voices as instruments.  


2013.02.08 - Caldecott with Hot Flash Heat Wave + Repeater Pan + Meat Market - Free - 8pm

Friday, February 8th

Pass Go Management presents Cal in the Town, a FREE show featuring Cal Battle of the Bands winners playing alongside great local music from Oakland.


Featuring Caldecott with Hot Flash Heat Wave (UC Berkeley Battle of the Bands winners), Repeater Pan, and Meat Market.  Also featuring comedy, slam poetry and much much more!


2013.02.07 - Bay Area Latte Art Competition + DJ? Whatever. - 6 to 9pm - Free

Thursday, February 7th
6 to 9 pm: Latte Art Competition
8pm to close: DJ? Whatever.
$5 to Compete 

The Latte Art Competition is a 6-Event Series launching at Barista Nation SF on Saturday January 19 2013 and closing on June 13 at Coffe Bar. At Each Event Baristas can win take home prizes, cash and points. First, Second and Third place prizes will be awarded at each event. Points will be awarded to the top three Baristas of the evening; 1st Place = 100 points, 2nd Place = 50 Points, 3rd Place = 25 Points. The three Baristas with the most awarded points at the season finale on June 13 will with the Grand Prizes.

All events are free to the public. $5 to compete. Winner take all + Espresso Parts Trophies + Sponsor Giveaways. Each event will have free food, booze and door prizes for attendees. Bring your friends!

Winners are based on a single-elimination head-to-head latte art throw down. Each event will have three winners. Competitors can track their season rankings on the scoreboard below.

Competitors may use any cup and milk pitcher (brought or provided) and may create any design. Each event will have only 32 spaces available (first come, first serve). Competitors may only use provided milk and espresso and may not etch.

Judges will base their decision on six categories.
1) Color contrast
2) Harmony, size, and positions of designs in cup
3) Creativity of pattern
4) Level of achieved difficulty of pour
5) Visual foam quality
6) Overall visual aesthetics

Each event will have different judges and no café representatives will be able to judge within their respective businesses.

DJ? Whatever.


2013.02.04 - Special Monday Show - Steve Lawson and Daniel Berkman - Free - 7pm

Monday, February 4th

World renowned bassist Steve Lawson will be in town from the UK playing with local composer/multi-instrumentalist Daniel Berkman.

Last year, these two amazing artists got together for the first time to do a couple shows, and something magic happened. Their chemistry is special, and this promises to be a great evening of music.

Steve Lawson - Fretless Bass, looping, effects

Daniel Berkman - Kora, Handsonic, Ukelele, looping & effects

Steve Lawson

Daniel Berkman


2013.02.02 - O.I.M. PRESENTS: Girls In Suede, Illusion of Self, Falling Awake - $5 - 8pm

Saturday, February 2nd
Doors: 8pm
Show: 9pm

Oaktown Indie Mayhem presents…

Girls In Suede

Girls In Suede are an explosion of awesomness from the depths of cool. One of The Bay’s premier rock bands, these guys mean business. And that business just so happens to be party business.

Illusion of Self

These guys rock, and they rock hard. I mean… just look at them! But they’re substance goes beyond their mere rock and roll and awesome outfits. Illusion of Self’s lyrics are deep and meaningful and well executed with carefully sculpted songs. 

Falling Awake

A young band that rocks just as hard as any of the older, thick framed, bearded rock bands on Pandora right now. Falling Awake blend stripped down guitar riffs with a punky, rebellious voice.