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Past Events


2013.01.11 - Oceanography, Clouds On Strings, Sisterhoods - $5 - 8pm

Friday, January 11


From the first hard hits of the drums on their song, “Reggie Jackson”, you feel Oceanography’s power. But as their guitars slowly coast in to the picture you then reaize this power is tamed and focused. A band that knows how to craft and refine their own energy, this is a group is a do-not-miss in our book. 

Clouds on Strings

Delightfully punch and full of syncopated awesomeness, Clouds On Strings delight every bit of your soul with beautiful lyrics as well. “


An experiement of sonic mastery. Sisterhoods explore the outer reaches of the sonic vision. 


2013.01.10 - Naked Thursdays with Daniel Berkman - Free - 7pm

Thursday, January 10th
7 pm

A series of stripped down shows hosted every Thursday by guitarist Tom Lattanand featuring local virtuosos making great music.

Daniel Berkman

Daniel Berkman is a San Francisco based composer, multi-instrumentalist and innovator of the kora (a 21-stringed harp/lute from West Africa). Along with the kora, he plays guitar, handsonic and gravikord for Artemis and performs his more electronic works under the moniker “vessel”.

He’s composed many ecclectic scores for choreographers and dance companies in San Francisco, notably Sarah Shelton Mann, ODC, Company Chaddick, Lizz Roman and Dancers, Kunst-Stoff and many others.


2013.01.09 - Wednesday Night Jazz Series: Secret Sidewalk - Free - 7pm

Wednesday, January 09

Secret Sidewalk

I would describe this Secret Sidewalk as Flying Lotus meets Miles Davis (Bitches Brew to be specific). An experiemental group that has no boundaries. Fuzing jazz/hiphop/electronic styles, this group will melt your brain.


2013.01.05 - Bay Funk - Free - 8pm

Saturday, January 5th 


It’s time to get your funk on! Bay Funk is coming to set Awaken on fire with the most funkilicious grooves this side of the bay!

Bay Funk is a six-piece operation whose primary objective is to spread glory to everything world-wide. The sextet was born from The People’s Jam, which goes down weekly at The Layover in downtown Oakland. Influences range on a spectrum from chaos to creation. We aim to brighten the present experience and broaden our understanding. We want to bring you up by getting down. Our goal is to bring together souls to one vibration of resonating emotion as the negative is released and the positive charged to a glowing core. GLORY!” 


2013.01.04 - First Friday: Tumbleweed Wanderers with Glimpse Trio & Emily Moldy - Free - 7pm

Awaken Cafe and Oaktown Indie Mayhem present…

Oakland Art Murmur
First Friday, January 4th
Artist Reception 7pm to Midnight
7:30pm -
Emily Moldy
8:45pm - The Glimpse Trio
10:00pm - Tumbleweed Wanderers

Tumbleweed Wanderers

You’ve probably seen Tumbleweed Wanderers busking around Oakland, turning heads on the street corner with tight harmonies and classic blue grass instruments. Or you may have seen them be equally at home playing electric to screaming fans at the Fillmore, Bottom of the Hill, Brick and Mortar, or at Outside Lands. Or maybe you’ve seen them all over the local music press here (KQED) or here (Daytrotter) or here (The Living Room Sessions) or here (Our Vinyl) or here (Wolves in Town) or seen them listed as #3 on the top 10 Bay Area Albums of 2012 on Local Bay Area Music:

Wherever you’ve see these talented guys do their modern folk/bluegrass/rock kinetic thing before, you should definitely see them this Friday at Awaken Cafe in their home town in Oakland. 

Glimpse Trio

Raw rock and roll are what these Glimpse Trio is about. If you can imagine a swamp beast crawling from the Lousiana bayou, picking up a guitar and playing a show, then you can imagine what this group sounds like. They’re unapologetically bluesy and command their listeners attention. All of Downtown Oakland will be able to hear this band when they play on Friday. 

Emily Moldy

Emily Moldy’s warmth is brought to the forefront of her songs by whimsicial melodies and a heartbreaking voice. Painful, fleeting romance is covered in Moldy’s lyrics that feel carefully and gracefully placed along the measures and notes of her music.  (**Replacing Spanish Cannons)

Emma Webster

Also, the fantastic artist, Emma Webster will be beginning her month long exhibtion at the cafe, so check it out!

presented by Oaktown Indie Mayhem


2013.01.03 - Naked Thursdays: Tom Lattanand with Audio Angel, and Nick Z - Free - 7pm

Tuesday, January 3rd

A series of stripped down shows hosted every Thursday by guitarist Tom Lattanand featuring local virtuosos making great music. 

Tom LattanandNick Z

Nick Z is a soulful singer-songwriter based in the San Francisco Bay Area. His songs invoke intimate evenings of wine and vinyl records, or dark city streets with the allure of neon lights and romantic possibility. His sound is smooth, easy and beautiful, but beneath the polished voice are songs of depth and prose. His easy grooves find their way into cafes, wine bars, first dates and bonfires. Containing instant classics like “Hollywood Glance” and “Unexpected Sunshine,” Nick Z’s latest EP release is quickly becoming a hit among fans. You’ll find a place, and mood to listen to this record on numerous occasions.


2013.01.02 - Wednesday Night Jazz Series: Steve Taylor-Ramírez - 7pm - Free

Wednesday, January 02

Steve Taylor-Ramírez

It might be unfair that Steve Taylor is playing our Wednesday Night Jazz Series. Why? Because his style stretches beyond all genres. Dj Nobody of KUSF has said that Taylor is “developing his own genre”. Taylor plays whimsical and also powerful songs full of witty and meaningful lyrics. A juxtoposition of style. 


2013.01.01 - Closed for New Years Day

We will be CLOSED for New Years Day.


12.29.12 - Berel Alexander with JC Villafan & James Cavern - Free - 8pm 

Saturday, December 29

Berel Alexander

Berel Alexander takes jigsaw pieces from a huge array of generes; Soul, Rock, Blues, RnB, HipHop, and puts them together in a masterpiece that would only be a paradox if done by any one else. His smooth, beach raised, humboldt grown voice soars as the centerpiece of his music. Berel Alexander will be accompanied by a full band so the house is sure to be brought down.  

JC Villafan

Bluesy, Soulful, Smooth and incredibly catchy. JC Villafan knows how to craft a song and knows how to deliver it. His silky smooth voice and incredibly slick guitar playing blend together to create an exciting showcase of raw talent.   

James Cavern

James Cavern, is like a singing stick of smooth butter. You can’t help giving all of your attention to his slick voice and heartfelt songs. He’s sure to hypnotize the audience for a night of smooth, smooth music. 



12.28.12 - CANCELLED - Dginn - $6 - 9pm

Friday, December 28


Dgiin is an amazing venture of folk and funk all encapsulated in the French language. A band that sounds as if they just got off a plane straight from the south of France, they’re sure to add some spice to the cafe. It’s sure to be a “high energy gyspy meltdown.”