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Past Events


2013.01.18 - Scot Sier with Scarth Locke - Free - 8pm

Friday, January 18

Scot Sier

Scot Sier “The Eco-Zen Warrior” grew up in the industrial midwest where he watched pollution destroy our great lakes, corporate farms eliminate the small farmer, midnight dumping poison our waters, racism reduce his neighborhood to a ghetto and the war on drugs create an impoverished city. This and his love of friends and family is what inspires Sier to write music that tells the story of life in America.

Scarth Locke

Scarth Locke is a multi-talented pop music composer and performer who lives in Oakland, CA. He started his journey by looping cassette tapes and jamming on his casio. He recorded his first cd singing into his computer on an Indian hillside. His forthcoming third album was performed and recorded almost entirely in a shared practice space in West Oakland, CA while in school to become an occupational therapist.


2013.01.17 - Naked Thursdays with Stephen Duros - Free - 7pm

Thursday, January 17

A series of stripped down shows hosted every Thursday by guitarist Tom Lattanand featuring local virtuosos making great music.

Stephen Duros

Stephen Duros’s most recent album, “Urban Flamenco” has the perfect name for the music he creates. He seemlessly blends elements of traditional flamenco guitar with the grit, mystery and excitement of the city streets. Duros is no less than a virtuoso on his instrument. 

Stephen has toured with Ottmar Liebert for 4 years, 06’-09’ and have played on 2 of his albums, (one that received a Grammy nomination) Stephen’s Thira Album was excepted onto the 2007 Grammy Ballot.




2013.01.16 - Wednesday Night Jazz Series: Gurkestra - Free - 8pm

Wednesday, January 16


Charlie Gurke (leader of Gurkestra) is a saxophonist, composer, and arranger with extensive experience in jazz, latin, classical, avant-garde, and more.  He has been an active member of the San Francisco Bay Area’s music scene for over 15 years and has collaborated with film, theater, dance, and poetry both at home and abroad.  


2013.01.16 - East Bay Green Drinks - Free - 5:30pm

Wednesday, January 16

East Bay Green Drinks

East Bay Green Drinks started in 2000, and is a monthly community and networking event for people involved in sustainable business, environmental and social causes, local and organic food, green architecture and design, media, communications, education, construction, clean energy and more.

It’s fun, it’s inspiring, it’s informal, it’s friendly, and it’s where we come together for the most important thing we need to sustain our work and community: it’s where we connect.

Join us the 3rd Weds of every month in good community, good work and good spirits!



2013.01.13 - DANCE The Night Away with Studio 1924 - Free - 7pm

Sunday, January 13

Studio 1924

Join Studio 1924 for an evening of FREE Dance Performances at Awaken Cafe! The performance will feature Tango, West Coast Swing, Bellydance, High Heels Hip Hop, and more, brought to you by the talented Studio 1924 Teaching Staff. Studio 1924 is the hottest new dance venue in downtown Oakland, walking distance from our beloved Awaken Cafe. The studio offers lunch-break and evening classes in dance, capoeria, yoga, nutrition, and also holds fun regular dance events, such as salsa nights, Argentine tango milongas, and disco & 80’s nights. Get ready for some inspirational dancing, meet the teachers, ask questions, have some wine, and be swept off your feet! More info on the studio can be found at


2013.01.12 - Comedy Showcase feat. Brendan Lynch - $10 - 9pm

Saturday, January 12

Wake Up! Comic Spectacular!

Wake UP! Comic Spectacular!! Features the Bay Areas’ most fantastic comics who bring edge and creativity to every delightful utterance. This month our talented cast includes Sean Sinha, Kate Willet, Kaseem Bentley, Cara Tramontano, & Headlining Brendan Lynch. These comics have performed at The Punchline, Cobbs Comedy club, San Jose Improv, SF Sketchfest, Comedy Day & much more. Come and witness greatness in the making at Awaken Cafe in the heart of Downtown Oakland.


2013.01.11 - Oceanography, Clouds On Strings, Sisterhoods - $5 - 8pm

Friday, January 11


From the first hard hits of the drums on their song, “Reggie Jackson”, you feel Oceanography’s power. But as their guitars slowly coast in to the picture you then reaize this power is tamed and focused. A band that knows how to craft and refine their own energy, this is a group is a do-not-miss in our book. 

Clouds on Strings

Delightfully punch and full of syncopated awesomeness, Clouds On Strings delight every bit of your soul with beautiful lyrics as well. “


An experiement of sonic mastery. Sisterhoods explore the outer reaches of the sonic vision. 


2013.01.10 - Naked Thursdays with Daniel Berkman - Free - 7pm

Thursday, January 10th
7 pm

A series of stripped down shows hosted every Thursday by guitarist Tom Lattanand featuring local virtuosos making great music.

Daniel Berkman

Daniel Berkman is a San Francisco based composer, multi-instrumentalist and innovator of the kora (a 21-stringed harp/lute from West Africa). Along with the kora, he plays guitar, handsonic and gravikord for Artemis and performs his more electronic works under the moniker “vessel”.

He’s composed many ecclectic scores for choreographers and dance companies in San Francisco, notably Sarah Shelton Mann, ODC, Company Chaddick, Lizz Roman and Dancers, Kunst-Stoff and many others.


2013.01.09 - Wednesday Night Jazz Series: Secret Sidewalk - Free - 7pm

Wednesday, January 09

Secret Sidewalk

I would describe this Secret Sidewalk as Flying Lotus meets Miles Davis (Bitches Brew to be specific). An experiemental group that has no boundaries. Fuzing jazz/hiphop/electronic styles, this group will melt your brain.


2013.01.05 - Bay Funk - Free - 8pm

Saturday, January 5th 


It’s time to get your funk on! Bay Funk is coming to set Awaken on fire with the most funkilicious grooves this side of the bay!

Bay Funk is a six-piece operation whose primary objective is to spread glory to everything world-wide. The sextet was born from The People’s Jam, which goes down weekly at The Layover in downtown Oakland. Influences range on a spectrum from chaos to creation. We aim to brighten the present experience and broaden our understanding. We want to bring you up by getting down. Our goal is to bring together souls to one vibration of resonating emotion as the negative is released and the positive charged to a glowing core. GLORY!”