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Past Events


11.25.12 - Last Sunday Monkey Chant - $10 to 15 donation - 4 pm

Sunday, November 25th
$10 - 15 suggested donation

Join Gamelan X for their monthly Monkey Chant workshop! 

“Kecak, also known as Monkey Chant, has it’s origins on the island of Bali. It is an interlocking vocal rhythmic chant that breaks down individual boundaries even as it binds participants together into a cohesive whole. It is visceral, powerful and playful. Over the past 10 years we have created our own tradition of Monkey Chant that allows us to share this dynamic art form with anyone and everyone. Come out and learn the language of Kecak in vocal play!”


11.24.12 - 29th Street Swingtet - Free - 8pm

Saturday, November 24th
8 pm

When 29th Street Swingtet dives in to their whimiscal guitar and accordian runs, sparks start flying and people start dancing. In 2012 the 29th Street Swingtet was created and continues to spread their diverse and hard swinging sound around the Bay Area. Though, heavily influenced by the sound of French swing guitarist Django Reinhardt, 29th St. draws upon various different jazz genres, blues, latin, be-bop and more. 


11.24.12 - "Ode to Oak" - Paintings by Christopher Newhard - Free - 2pm

Saturday, November 24th 

The amazingly talented Christopher Newhard will be having an reception for his artworks in cafe from 2pm to 5pm! Take home his beautiful artwork before it leaves the cafe on December 5th! 



11.22.12 - Thanksgiving Day - Holiday Hours - 7:30am to 1pm

Holiday Hours: 7:30 am to 1:00 pm


11.21.12 - Wednesday Night Jazz Series: Gurkestra - Free - 7pm

Wednesday, November 21st 


 Charlie Gurke (leader of Gurkestra) is a saxophonist, composer, and arranger with extensive experience in jazz, latin, classical, avant-garde, and more.  He has been an active member of the San Francisco Bay Area’s music scene for over 15 years and has collaborated with film, theater, dance, and poetry both at home and abroad. 


11.20.12 - Board Game Night - Free - 7pm

Tuesday, November 20th
7 pm

Every Tuesday Night! Bring your own board game or play ours.  We have Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, Settlers of Catan, Scrabble, Apples to Apples, Scategories, and Cranium.


11.17.12 - Bitchez Brew Review - $5 donation - 7pm

Saturday, November 17th
7 pm
$5 Donation

The best literary showcase in the world: Bitchez Brew Review November Edition.


Avant Garde Multi-Instrumentalist MICAH BALL

“Daughters of the Revolution” author CAROLYN COOKE

Bisexual artist/Intersectional activist JUBA KALAMKA

Bank Robber turned novelist and Zombie Whisperer JOE LOYA

“Evangeline and the Drama Wheel” author SERENA TOXICAT

Razor Babes co-founder and performance poet FERNANDO ALBERTO SALINAS

Sacramento/LA Art Bazaar propagator YASAMIN SAFARZEDEH



11.16.12 - Oaktown Indie Mayhem Presents Coastal Melodies - $5 - 7 pm

Friday, November 16th
7 pm

Our favorite local producer, Oaktown Indie Mayhem is back in November with Coastal Melodies featuring Emily MoldyTreehouse Orchestra with Yassou Benedict and the Native Sibling

Emily Moldy

Headlining Coastal Melodies is Emily Moldy, who’s warmth is brought to the forefront of her songs by whimsicial melodies and a heartbreaking voice. Painful, fleeting romance is covered in Moldy’s lyrics that feel carefully and gracefully placed along the measures and notes of her music. 

Treehouse Orchestra

One of the most beautiful sights in the San Francisco Bay Area is the sight of the beautiful bay fog rolling down the hills of Sausalito and slowly swallowing the Golden Gate Bridge whole. If there were a sountrack to this natural wonder it would be the music of Treehouse Orchestra.  

Yassou Benedict

Yassou Benedict isn’t afraid to play with the very fabric of what makes music, well, music. They carry haunting melodies over mind bending grooves. But they do all of this in a gorgeous, catchy and seemless way. Dark and powerful melodies build and build in their music until they conquer you with a climax of wonder that will have you asking for more. 


 The Native Siblings

The Native Sibling have a gentle power. Their song “Follow Trees” seems to tumble through fresh grass and over mountain peaks all in under four minutes and twenty seconds. A hypnotic trance is ignited by warm guitars, an angelic background chorus and the simple joy of harmony created by two amazing individuals.   


11.15.12 - Naked Thursdays: Stephen Duros - Free - 7pm

Thursday, November 15th
7 pm

Stephen Duros’s most recent album, “Urban Flamenco” has the perfect name for the music he creates. He seemlessly blends elements of traditional flamenco guitar with the grit, mystery and excitement of the city streets. Duros is no less than a virtuoso on his instrument. Tearing up the nylon on his guitar with grace and attitude, he puts on a magnificent show. 

Needless to say, the cafe will be sizziling Thursday night! Come warm up before the cold rain this weekend!

See you there!


11.14.12 - Wednesday Night Jazz Series: The Insidemen - Free - 7pm

Wednesday, November 14th
7 pm

Part of our Wednesday Night Jazz Series.  This week: The Insidemen

Alright, let’s get back to basics. The Insidermen bring the classic styles of jazz back to the forefront with new energy. Pulling from the songbooks of Coltrane, Monk, Miles, and more, these guys set fire to the rooms they play. What sets these guys apart from the rest is the relentless energy from the rhythm section that pushes the band forward and grabs the audience in to a time machine that takes them back to past where virtuoso musicians roamed the streets at night. Oakland used to be a hub for jazz night life. The Insidemen will be taking us back to that time Wednesday night!