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Past Events


11.02.12 - Coffee Cupping by Four Barrel Coffee - Free - Noon

Friday, October 5
12:00 pm

Similar to wine tasting, coffee cupping allows you to compare and assess the complex taste, smell, and mouth feel of specialty coffees.  An expert from Fourbarrel Coffee will be in the house cupping all of the single origin coffees we offer for sale.  Join us for this fun free event.


10.31.12 - Afro-Beat/Hip Hop Halloween with Henry Hung & DJ Mike Boo - Free - 7pm

“Binders Full of Women.”
Wednesday, October 31
7 pm

It seems as though every awesome Halloween activity is happening on the weekend BEFORE Halloween this year… and that’s something to be frightened about. But don’t worry! A group of goulish musicians led by trumpeter Henry Hung and his menacing partner Dj Mike Boo are saving Halloween! 

The Binders Full Women will be occupying Awaken Cafe for a devilish Halloween full of Afro-Beat/Hip Hop dancing. Evil rhythms will be laid down on the dance floor and the undead will most certaintly be attending this one. 

Work off those Reeses and Butterfingers and come down to the Cafe from 7:00pm-9:30pm for this FREE Halloween extravaganza! 




10.31.12 - Facepainting for Children (& Adults) by Bri - Free - 3pm to 5 pm


Wednesday, October 31st

3 pm to 5 pm


FREE facepainting by Bri Crabtree. First come, frist serve!

Do your kids need some extra pizzaz for their Halloween costume? Or maybe they don’t have a costume at all?! Don’t worry! We will be having a facepainting event from 3pm to 5pm this Halloween Wednesday! Just in time for your kiddo’s Trick or Treat outing! 

Adults… don’t worry. This is NOT an age specific event! You can have your faces painted too. :)


10.30.12 - Board Game Night - Free - 7pm

Tuesday, October 30th
7 pm

Every Tuesday Night! Bring your own board game or play ours.  We have Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, Settlers of Catan, Scrabble, Apples to Apples, Scategories, and Cranium.


10.28.12 - Gamelan X's Monthly Monkey Chant - Free - 8pm

Sunday, October 28th

Join Gamelan X for their monthly Monkey Chant workshop! 

“Kecak, also known as Monkey Chant, has it’s origins on the island of Bali. It is an interlocking vocal rhythmic chant that breaks down individual boundaries even as it binds participants together into a cohesive whole. It is visceral, powerful and playful. Over the past 10 years we have created our own tradition of Monkey Chant that allows us to share this dynamic art form with anyone and everyone. Come out and learn the language of Kecak in vocal play!”


10.27.12 - Jack O' The Clock with Grex - $5 door - 8pm

Saturday, October 27th
$5 door 

Oakland’s Jack O’ The Clock with Grex.

Jack O’ The Clock brings a quietly giddy sort of energy to the intersection of American folk songwriting and experimental music. The group’s sound, a jangly mix of concert-hall agility, acoustic rock drive, and junk shop scouring, is characterized by tight vocal harmonies and intricate arrangements for unusual combinations of instruments made possible by the varied musical experience and multi-instrumentalism of its five members, who have played everything from new music to art metal to fingerstyle folk to free improvisation, sometimes in the same concert. Jack O’ The Clock’s recordings go beyond the group’s live sound to incorporate bits of on-location percussion, found sounds, clandestinely recorded monologues, city noise, and various birds and insects, as well as a number of guest musicians and singers.

Grex (the band) was formed in and around the Mills College music axis, late night inside jokes, and intense dissections of South African music, emphasizing genre bending, cross-idiomatic conceits and melding elements of mostly everything (Evangelista has a background in free jazz and Scampavia is a biologist) into something stark and eldritch. Elements of jazz, pop songwriting, garage rock, 20th century chamber music, and free improvisation merge to form an idiom in and of itself—”Grex music”—a living, breathing musical entity.


10.26.12 - Broken Shadows - Free - 8pm

Friday, Ocotber 26th
8 pm

Darren Johnston - trumpet/vocals
Jamie Moore - percussion/vocals
Daniel Fabricant - bass/vocals

Broken Shadows is the latest project by ubiquitous local trumpeter/composer/songwriter Darren Johnston (Nice Guy Trio, Brass Menazeri, Darren Johnston Ensemble…).  Mixing his love of music from Balkans and American jazz with a down-home approach to lyrics and songwriting, the Broken Shadows have arrived at a sound that is difficult to accurately describe, other than a highly entertaining and soulful mix of grooving, swinging, bowing, blowing, stomping and ‘a crooning that’s not to be missed.  Among other originals, selections from Johnston’s latest work, Songs of Seven Miles, will be performed, a song cycle for which he interviewed a diverse collection of immigrants who now live in San Francisco; from Russia, Burma, Peru, Mexico, South Korea, Bulgaria, and Egypt, creating the lyrics using direct quotes from the interviews.  Watch the making of Songs of Seven Miles.


10.25.12 - Patrick Cress' Yosemite Soundscapes with Performance Painter Nancy Ostrovsky - $10 - 730pm

Thursday, October 25th
Doors 7 pm
Show 7:30 pm

Patrick Cress’ Yosemite Soundscapes with Performance Painter Nancy Ostrovsky (NY)

Patrick Cress’ Yosemite Soundscapes combines sounds recorded from Yosemite’s alpine meadows such as coyotes, birds, waterfalls, tree frogs juxtaposed with people made sounds like airplanes, cars, and chainsaws.  He wraps it all up in several short cinematic-like compositions for saxophone and bass clarinet.

New York Artist Nancy Ostrovsky has been called “one of the pioneers of performance painting.” Her “Paintings to Music” is a live spectacle where painting and music take center together to boldly meld sight and sound.      



10.24.12 - Wednesday Night Jazz Series: Gurkestra - Free - 7pm

Wednesday, October 24th
7 pm

Part of our Wednesday Night Jazz Series.  This week: Gurkestra


10.23.12 - Board Game Night - Free - 7pm

Tuesday, October 23rd
7 pm

Every Tuesday Night! Bring your own board game or play ours.  We have Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, Settlers of Catan, Scrabble, Apples to Apples, Scategories, and Cranium.