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Past Events


10.17.12 - East Bay Green Drinks - Free - 5:30 pm

Wedesday, October 17th
5:30 pm

East Bay Green Drinks comes to Awaken Cafe for the first time with Author Beth Terry.

Five years ago, local author Beth Terry started an experiment: to live without acquiring any new plastic. The result? She successfully and sustainably reduced her plastic waste to less than 2% of the national average! Beth chronicled her efforts in her blog and in her compelling new book.

Meet Beth, hear her stories and discoveries, and start living a fun-filled, plastic-free life!

East Bay Green Drinks started in 2000, and is a monthly community and networking event for people involved in sustainable business, environmental and social causes, local and organic food, green architecture and design, media, communications, education, construction, clean energy and more.

It’s fun, it’s inspiring, it’s informal, it’s friendly, and it’s where we come together for the most important thing we need to sustain our work and community: it’s where we connect.

Join us in good community, good work and good spirits!



10.16.12 - Watch Obama vs. Romney Debate - Free - 6pm

Tuesday, October 16th
6 pm

We’ll be projecting all three presidential debates on the big screen! Get here early for seats. Drink beer, shout out loud, and enjoy the spectacle with your neighbors.

Next Debate: 


10.15.12 - Zine Launch/Poetry Read: See You Next Tuesday - Donations - 7:30 pm

Monday, October 15th
7:30 pm
Donations Accepted 

See You Next Tuesday is a gender zine based out of San Francisco. Its mission is to initiate new, as well as comment on present, discourse concerning the politics and philosophy of feminism. Local artists and writers are featured in its first (and latest) volume, and the zine couldn’t be any more excited to highlight the wonderful work of Brian Ang, Maya Weeks, Tom Comitta, Ana Baginski, Iris Alden, Giulia Bencivenga, Kellie Flint, and Alessya Bonder. Come celebrate the launch of See You Next Tuesday’s first volume with poetry read by the contributors and drinks. The first ten people to arrive will receive a free copy of the zine.


10.12.12 - OIM Presents the Red Steppes, Roberto Miguel & Blake Williams - 7 pm - $5

Friday, October 12th
$5 at the Door

Oaktown Indie Mayhem Presents:

The Red SteppesRoberto Miguel (a.k.a Miggy Stardust), and Blake Williams.

Red Steppes is the Oakland-based duo of Nika Aila States (vocals, acoustic guitar) and Owen Adair Kelley (electric guitar). We’re big on eschewing standard metres and sensible tunings for extra beats and very low C notes. Our goal is to explore these rich, underexploited textures through a folk lens. We are fans of good posture and bad jokes. The dog is an unreliable drummer.



10.11.12 - Naked Thursdays with Daniel Berkman - Free - 7pm

Thursday, October 11th

A series of stripped down shows hosted every Thursday by guitarist Tom Lattanand featuring local virtuosos making great music.

Daniel Berkman is a San Francisco based composer, multi-instrumentalist and innovator of the kora (a 21-stringed harp/lute from West Africa). Along with the kora, he plays guitar, handsonic and gravikord for Artemis and performs his more electronic works under the moniker “vessel”.

He’s composed many ecclectic scores for choreographers and dance companies in San Francisco, notably Sarah Shelton Mann, ODC, Company Chaddick, Lizz Roman and Dancers, Kunst-Stoff and many others.


10.11.12 - Mana Maddy - Free - 4:30 pm

Thursday, October 11th
4:30 pm

Multi-instrumentalist and songstress Madeline Streicek (“Mana Maddy”) was born in Quesnel, BC and has been an Oakland, CA local since 2006. Raised on a healthy diet of Maria Callas, Joni Mitchell and Bach suites, these roots show up in her songs as shades of classical, jazz and folk over a doo-wop canvas. Mana Maddy sings and plays piano or ukulele, backed by Mateo Lugo on electric guitar, Oscar Westesson on upright bass, Chris Lauf on drums and a rotating cast of backup vocalists.

“There’s a big Caribbean voice inside that tiny white Canadian.” 
~Dennis Cook,

Maddy toured the country with progressive rock / Afro-Colombian fusion band Antioquia for over 4 years as their lead vocalist and keyboardist until March 2011, when she joined the folk/blues band Whiskerman as backup vocalist and keyboardist.  Since leaving Whiskerman in August 2011 she has been wholeheartedly pursuing a path as a solo singer/songwriter and has formed a solid group that goes 


10.10.12 - Celtic Rock Fiddler Michael Mullen - Free - 7pm

Wednesday, October 10th
7 pm

Celtic Rock Fiddler Michael Mullen.

Michael has made a career out of playing fiddle as support for others, and he has been a valuable asset for several bands over the decades. But these days, Michael uses technology to accompany himself. Not only is he a master of the fiddle, Michael also plays guitar and sings. Using a machine called a looper, he plays through the accompaniment of a song—verse and chorus—then while that plays back he switches to fiddle, performing lead on violin and singing through the song. Sometimes there will be several musical things happening onstage all at once even though Michael is up there by himself. Thus his descriptive phrase, Trio Of One.


10.09.12 - Game Night - 7 pm - Free

Tuesday, October 9th
7 pm

Bring your own board game or play ours.  We have Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, Settlers of Catan, Scrabble, Apples to Apples, Scategories, and Cranium.


10.06.12 - Steve Lucky's Hammond Cheese Combo - $8 advance/$10 door - 8pm

Saturday, October 6th
8 pm
$8 advance
$10 door

Steve Lucky’s Hammond Cheese Combo live at Awaken Cafe.

This isn’t your everyday organ combo sandwich.  Oh yeah, it’s got a lot of the same tasty ingredients you’ve tried and liked before.  Like the groovy B3 sound, bad-ass tenor sax, soul-jazz grooves and a fat, yet slinky guitar. But dig what makes the Hammond Cheese different…. this combo’s got the special sauce!  And while we can’t divulge the secret blend that makes the special sauce special, we can tell you this; the Hammond Cheese Combo does have extra cheese and extra grease.

Some of the specials on our menu include tunes by the unrecognized organ genius Hank Marr, knockouts by Brother Jack McDuff, and lots of original pieces by Steve Lucky dripping with special sauce, and some extra cheese numbers sung by the captivating guitarist/vocalist Carmen Getit.

In addition to Steve Lucky on the Hammond B3 and Carmen Getit on guitar and vocals, the Hammond Cheese Combo features Danny Brown on tenor sax, and the groovin Omar Aran on drums, cookin’ up jazz-organ classics, original songs, & go-go’60s sounds.


10.05.12 - Art Murmur with Sylvain Carton Trio featuring Essgee-s - Free - 7pm

First Friday, October 5th
7:00 pm

Artist reception for Lindsey Millikan.  Music by Sylvain Carton Trio and Artemis.

Music by the Sylvain Carton Trio featuring Essgee-s.  Originally from France, Sylvain Carton is a multi-instrumentalist and composer currently residing in San Francisco.  An accomplished saxophonist and guitarist, Sylvain tours and records regularly with a number of groups representing a variety of musical genres and traditions, such as John Vanderslice, The Mitch Marcus Quintet, Aphrodesia, The Japonize Elephants, Spaceblaster, Khi Darag, Lord Loves a Working Man, Beats Antique, and The Garlando Nonet.

style/sounds like/reminds us of: an explosive Jazz trio featuring of eccentric Bay Area musicians. Sylvain Carton is the front man for Japonize Elephants and has currently been playing Bari Sax with Beats Antique. Jason Slota is a founding member of the Japonize Elephants. He also currently plays drums for John Vanderslice and Radio Lab. George Ban Weiss plays with the Jazz Mafia and recently performed at the Monterey Jazz Festival with Mads Tolling Quartet.


If such a joyous sonic welter as the music of Oakland’s Artemis needs a handle, then call it “pavement psychedelia,” or “urban robot raga” or “trip-pop.” On a song like “Hypno,” spectral keyboard washes and
sinuous dance beats set up a feeling of warm alienation before the singer’s voice heats things further. Over the thump and shimmer, she croons with detached fervor, the production dissolving in a storm of pixie-dust disco until a rude riot of effects snaps the tether and she vanishes.

Aesthetically, the band is a poppier variant on trip-hop, with layers of beats and synth effects providing atmospherics for sophisticated classic rock song structures and the velvet swoop of Artemis’s vocals.’