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Artist Reception for New Paintings by Molly Kars


Join us for a First Friday artist reception for new paintings by Molly Kars from 5pm to 7pm. We'll be showing the Warriors game starting at 6pm so come for both!

When We Were Wild
I came from the wilderness and it will not let me go.

There are many essential traits separating humans from animals and much of my anthropomorphic artwork is an exploration of this differentiation between us and them. How we create and sustain relationships, how we communicate, our ability to think abstractly, our biological tendencies, cultural expectations, and social conventions (should we choose to agree to them)—these are the underlying themes that direct each of my paintings. With each portrait, I feel as though I am a little bit closer to understanding not only us, but also them—the fascinating and bizarre creatures that co-exist on this beautiful planet. Some call it “spirit”, others say “essence”, and others “soul”. Whatever you choose to call it, it resides within us all and it is where I have focused my artistic attention; my class and wedding portraits are attempts at capturing this true “spirit”. I am simultaneously hinting at our tendency to be tribal, our deep-seeded desire to run wild and be free, our fear of vulnerability and lastly, our ability to be self-aware and have a conscience. I also just really want to make you smile.

Molly Kars is an Artist and California-native currently living and working in Sebastopol, California. Specializing in two-dimensional art, her studio is typically full of anthropomorphized paintings and drawings of goats, wolves, bears, deer, foxes, coyotes and many other furry creatures, but she also paints more traditional portraits of people, animals, and nudes. Recent projects have led her to work with musicians on album artwork and poster designs. Kars has been working professionally as an Artist since graduating from San Francisco State University in 2008 with a degree in Studio Art. After receiving her teaching credential for Art from CSU, Chico in 2010 she has been providing private painting and drawing lessons to all ages and skill levels in the North Bay. In tandem to teaching and creating her own work, Kars also curates local artists' work at Bica Coffeehouse in Oakland, as well as builds custom frames out of local reclaimed wood.